Ying is a Support Class Champion in Paladins, added on April 7, 2016.[1]


Illusory Mirror

Illusory Mirror
Direct Damage
Left click triggerLMB

Fire a continuous beam for a short period that deals 5 ticks of 120 damage over .5s every .7s. Effective up to Medium Range.


Area Damage
Duration icon4s • Right click triggerRMB

Shatter all active Illusions, causing them to chase down enemies and explode for 500 damage.

Dimensional Link

Dimensional Link

Duration icon14s • F trigger

For 4s, swap locations with the furthest illusion. If none are deployed, it will take Ying to the location of the last active Illusion.



Duration icon5s • Q trigger

Create an illusion that heals a nearby ally for 350 every second.

Illusory Rift

Illusory Rift

E trigger • Ultimate

Spawn a prism on every ally, that heals for 200 Health over .5s every 1s.


Legendary CardsEdit

Default loadoutEdit

Cards Edit

For all of Ying's cards, see Ying/Cards


The following is a list of all vanity/cosmetic items available for Ying:


Default Veil
Mystic's Veil
Mystic's Veil
Radiant Chest

Body skinsEdit

Weapon skinsEdit


MVP posesEdit

Voice packsEdit

Videos Edit


  1. Closed Beta 20 Patch Notes | "Spring Bloom" at Official Paladins Forums

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