Description Edit

Viktor is a Damage Class champion in Paladins. He enters combat with a high rate of fire assault rifle and has an arsenal of high grade military gear with him. His assault rifle can be fired from his hip or with the sights, the latter allowing for improved accuracy.

Viktor also has a small but deadly fragmentation grenade, which deals high damage in a moderate area of effect.

His movement ability allows him to run much faster than normal.

Finally, his strongest ability allows him to aim air strikes at the areas he chooses.

This champion is very versatile, and when used right, will make the enemies running for their lives.

Weapons Edit

Name Description
Assault Rifle Fire one shot every 0.1 seconds that deal 130 damage. Bonus Damage: The first four rounds in your magazine each deal 40 extra damage.
Iron Sights Look down at the barrel of your rifle. Gain improved accuracy but move 50% slower.

Abilities Edit

Name Description
Hustle Lower your weapon and run 65% faster.
Frag Grenade Throw a fragmentation grenade that deals up to 750 damage. Holding Q will cook the grenad and reduce its detonation time. Bonus Damage: Affected enemies take 15% extra damage from you for 4 seconds.
Barrage Bring up your targeting binoculars. Click on enemy players to guide an artillery shell dealing 1400 damage to their location. Viktor's movement speed is slowed while channeling barrage.

Tips Edit

Viktor's high damage output and simplicity makes him the perfect option for any player new to Paladins, or shooters in general.
Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle loses accuracy the longer you hold down the trigger. Try firing in short bursts at long ranges.
Know when to switch between hip firing and Iron Sights. When in a close range gun fight, using hip fire is more applicable. In a 1v1 duel, you want to land as many shots as possible, so go for Iron Sights.
Iron Sights
Iron Sights makes Viktor's gun almost pin point accurate, making it a good option for long range firing.
Frag Grenade
The longer you hold down Q, the shorter the detonation time will be, meaning in close fights, that is a more viable option than simply chucking the grenade out there. However, holding Q down for too long will result in the grenade blowing up in your face.
Hustle is a great way to get in to a fight, and swiftly get out if needed. Also, since Hustle has no cooldown, you can use it freely in any situation.
Dashing around the objective can be a somewhat useful tactic to hold it out while your teammates come to back you up.
A well timed Barrage can easily wipe out a whole team.

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