Strix is a Damage Class Champion in Paladins, introduced on August 25, 2017.[1]

Description Edit

Strix dons the cloak of a hunter, which resembles a strix. He carries two weapons which he alternates between: a lethal long ranged sniper rifle, and a powerful machine pistol with a high rate of fire. This is quite fitting, as a strix is known to bring misfortune.

Along with the two weapons, he has the ability to disappear into his surroundings, making him invisible for a duration, and can lob a flashbang which can stun enemies while blinding them as well.

Strix is very powerful with his sniper rifle, and has the ability quickly reduce an enemy's health to nothing. Additionally, his basic attack with the scoped rifle deals the most damage out of any basic attack, making him a great tank melter.


Talon Rifle

Talon Rifle
Direct Damage
Left click triggerLMB

A powerful rifle that fires one 1200 damage shot every second.
Side Arm: A semi-automatic pistol that deals 250 damage per shot.


Direct Damage
Right click triggerRMB

Look down your scope and gain pin point accuracy.
Flare: Fire a flare that reveals enemies in a large radius.



F trigger

Enter stealth and hide yourself from vision. While in Stealth your energy is consumed.

Quick Switch

Quick Switch

Q trigger

Switch to your other weapon.

Flash Bang

Flash Bang
Area Damage
E trigger • Ultimate

Throw a Flash Bang grenade that detonates on contact blinding nearby enemies for 3 seconds.


Legendary CardsEdit

Default loadoutEdit

Cards Edit

For all of Strix's cards, see Strix/Cards


Tips Edit

For tips on Strix, see Strix/Tips

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