Evie is a Flank Class Champion in Paladins.

Bio Edit

Prodigy to the archmage of Stonebriar, Evie defied her master by using Soul Magic to bind the Ice Wraith Xerses forever to her. Gaining great power and becoming immortal, she was outcast for her unholy act. Wandering the north for time untold, no one knows why she has come to Crosswind Hold, and no one dares ask.


Ice Staff

Ice Staff
Area Damage
  • Left click triggerLMB

An Ice Staff that fires a frozen blast dealing 930 damage every second that explodes in an area on impact.

Ice Block

Ice Block

  • Duration-icon14s
  • Right click triggerRMB

Become immune to all damage for 3s. Cannot move or attack.



  • Duration-icon10s
  • F trigger

Hop on your staff and take flight for 2 seconds.



  • Duration-icon4s
  • Q trigger

Teleport forward a short distance.

Ice Storm

Ice Storm
Area Damage
  • E trigger
  • Ultimate

Fire a massive ice storm that lasts 4 seconds, damages for 40 every .25s, slows, and Cripples targets inside.


Legendary cardsEdit

Default loadoutEdit

Cards Edit

Customization Edit

Gallery Edit

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