Essence lobby art

Essence in-game art

The Essence Essence system was a key part of the character progression in Paladins, introduced on February 22th, 2017.[1] Essence was a hard currency used to purchase unlockable Cards, which are useful for further enhancing Champions' abilities. Essence was represented by a rounded glass flask.


The Essence system unlocked purchased cards by Crafting them in the champion's card menu. When the card was unlocked, it could be Disenchanted to return half its original cost. Essence was earned from automatically Disenchanted duplicate cards in Radiant Chests, or by Disenchanting any unused cards. The Essence system was not tied to match performances like Gold is, which made Essence more challenging to stockpile and earn.

There were three other methods of earning Essence:

  • The Tutorial, which awards the player 36,000 Essence upon first completion.
  • The Founder's Pack offers 72,000 Essence after purchase.
  • The reward for each Achievements is 1,000 Essence.


The Essence system placed a specific value on unlockable Cards, depending on their rarity.

Rarity Icon Cost Disenchantment
Legendary Legendary 12000 Essence +6000 Essence
Epic Gem Purple 5000 Essence +2500 Essence
Rare Gem Blue 1250 Essence +350 Essence
Common Gem Green 500 Essence +250 Essence


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