Classes are the four divisions of the champions in Paladins. They are:

After each match, four different players are picked as MVP's and are rewarded for being the Best in Class and playing to their strengths. The stat that got them to MVP for their class is also displayed. Note, that this is different from the accolades. Those are only relative to your team, this is relative to everyone in the match.

Damage ClassEdit

  • The Damage Class champions are the heavy damage dealers.
  • They are equipped with high damage weapons and abilities.
  • They often pack anti-shielding abilities.
  • The Best In Class Damage award is awarded to the champion with the highest damage count in the match.

Flank ClassEdit

  • The Flank Class is for mid-range combat.
  • These champions are the most versatile, and are a threat to all back lines.
  • They possess great mobility and deadly weapons.
  • These champions usually rely on strategic movements.
  • The Best in Class Flank Award is awarded for the highest number of flanked eliminations.

Front Line ClassEdit

  • The Front Line Class are mainly suited to defending and attacking objectives.
  • They have weapons that are effective in close quarter combat.
  • These heavily armored champions carry shields and have much more health than normal champions.
  • The Front Line Best In Class award goes to the champion who scores the highest objective time.

Support ClassEdit

  • The Support Class has champions with powerful support abilities.
  • They generally have the weakest weapons.
  • These champions are capable of healing, protecting, and boosting their allies.
  • The Best In Class award for Support champions goes to the player with the highest healing count.

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