Champions are the character roster in Paladins. There are currently 36 Champions in the game, which can be purchased individually using in-game Gold or Credits.

Champion galleryEdit

Champion listEdit

Name Image Title Type Weapon Health Speed
Androxus Androxus profile The Godslayer Flank Revolver 2000 380 [1]
Ash Ash profile The War Machine Front Line Burst Cannon 5300 355
Barik Barik profile The Ruins Raider Front Line Blunderbuss 3400 360
Bomb King Bomb King profile His Majesty Damage Sticky Bomb 2400 380
Buck Buck profile The Unyielding Flank Shotgun 2800 370
Cassie Cassie profile The Hunter's Daughter Damage Crossbow 2300 370
Drogoz Drogoz profile The Greedy Damage Rocket Launcher 2400 360
Evie Evie profile The Winter Witch Flank Staff 1800 365
Fernando Fernando profile The Self Appointed Knight Front Line Flamethrower 5875 360
Grohk Grohk profile The Lightning Orc Support Lightning Staff 2200 365
Grover Grover profile The Wild Support Throwing Axe 2000 380
Inara Inara profile The Stone Warden Front Line Stone Spear 4500 365
Jenos Jenos profile the Ascended Support Star Splitter 2000 380
Kinessa Kinessa profile The Bounty Hunter Damage Sniper Rifle 2000 360
Lex Lex profile The Hand of Justice Flank Magnums 2200 405
Lian Lian profile Scion of House Aico Damage Heirloom Rifle 2000 370
Maeve Maeve profile of Blades Flank Daggers 1800 385
Makoa Makoa profile The Ancient Front Line Cannon 4800 360
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba profile Wekono's Chosen Support Spitting Cobra 2650 380
Moji Moji profile and Friends Flank Familiar Spit 2200
Pip Pip profile The Rogue Alchemist Support Potion Launcher 2500 360
Ruckus Ruckus profile The Worst of Friends Front Line War Machine 4400 380
Seris Seris profile Oracle of the Abyss Support Soul Orbs 2600 380
Sha Lin Sha Lin profile The Desert Wind Damage Long Bow 2000 365
Skye Skye profile The Twilight Assassin Flank Wrist Crossbow 1800 365
Strix Strix profile Ghost Feather Damage Talon Rifle 2000 340
Talus Talus profile of the Ska'drin Flank Veracharger 2000 400
Terminus Terminus profile The Fallen Front Line Massacre Axe 4000
Torvald Torvald profile The Runic Sage Front Line Gauntlet 5000 365
Tyra Tyra profile The Untamed Damage Rifle 2300 385
Viktor Viktor profile The Lone Wolf Damage Assault Rifle 2200 380
Vivian Vivian profile The Cunning Damage Light Machine Gun 2200
Willo Willo profile of the Summer Court Damage Wand of Overgrowth 2200 385
Ying Ying profile The Blossom Support Illusory Mirror 2350 370
Zhin Zhin profile The Tyrant Flank Inferno Blade 2000 400