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Anatomy of a Card

Cards Edit

Cards are special, champion specific items that players use to buff the champion's set of abilities. Cards are only useable by the champion who unlocks them; for example, a Viktor could not use a Skye card. There are currently two ways to obtain cards: by unlocking them through loot chests, or buying them with elixir.

Card Costs Edit

Depending on their rarity, cards will cost different amounts.

Common: 350 Essence

Rare: 1,000 Essence

Epic: 4,000 Essence

Legendary: 10,000 Essence

Card Values Edit

Rarity - Each gem color corresponds with a different rarity. 

  • Green - Common
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Gold - Legendary
  • Silver - Specialty


  • The Active is the unique way that the card will modify the player's character. 

Active Type

  • When a card's Active modifies one of the character's abilities or their weapon,


  • When selected, this card will increase the character's damage dealt by the value shown. This applies to the in-hand attacks and abilities. 


  • When the player's character is knocked out, their cards will go on cooldown for this amount of time. While on cooldown, the player will not have the active attribute but will still benefit from the damage and health stats. 


  • When selected, this card will increase the character's maximum health pool by the value shown. 

For a list of available cards, go to Category:Cards

Construct Decks Edit

Deck building
This option is available in the player's Vault interface. This window will the current combat deck which contains 3 cards from each rarity type. These are the cards the player will start with in combat. To change out a card, players can mouse-click the card they want to change out and other available cards will appear for selection. Cards are autosaved into the constructed deck on selection. 

How to Use Edit

In the Loadout Menu for each champion, the player can specifically choose five different cards for their loadout, including Common, Rare, and Epic rarity. Each card is worth 1 "point", and a player must use a total of 12 "points" in their loadout. A player can either add a point to the card, thereby increasing the cards buff, or decrease the card's power. Additionally, once a card the player chooses has a value of 4 points, the loadout will be named after that specific card.

At the beginning of every match, the player can choose their loadout, and a legendary card. After he or she does so, it cannot be changed.

Icon Type CD
Gem Silver
Specialty 40
Gem Green
Common 20
Gem Blue
Rare 30
Gem Purple
Epic 40
Gem Orange
Ledgendary 60

There are three kinds of cards: Armor, Weapon, and Ability cards. Armor cards provide utility and defense, Weapon cards improve the player's weapon shots, and Ability cards will enhance or change their Champion’s abilities.This cards will specify which of the ability they improve. 

Crafting Edit

Players can use the Crafting screen outside of a match to combine duplicate cards to craft new cards of a higher level. (System still under development). Combining 4 of a card rarity will create a random of the next higher tier. Combining 3 of the same tier will create a guaranteed unique of that tier up to the maximum available in that tier. The crafting interface shows the available duplicates and allows the player to choose how to combine them.


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